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Integration of acquired care activities and development/implementation of (periodic) control information

This assignment was carried out by our colleague and Finance Consultant Derk Schipper. Derk (25) has a higher vocational degree in Business Economics and is currently studying for a post-bachelor degree in Controlling. Derk has been working for Robert Muntel Financial Consultancy since July 2015.


A major national organization in the nursing, care homes and home care industry.


The healthcare organization had a need for extra staff in the context of the preparation/realization of the financial statement and the records for subsidies for the healthcare infrastructure. In the same period the client also acquired the care activities of another care provider. This resulted in the request to collect and assess the dataset for these care activities and to prepare the dataset for importing in the organization’s own care systems. Following this, there was a need for operation and control overviews for the acquired care activities. In addition, the assignment included providing production records for the Social Support Act (Wmo), in collaboration with other stakeholders.


  • Handling the application and records of the subsidies for continuation of the care infrastructure;
  • Collecting and correcting employee and client data, and preparing imports for the care production and payroll systems;
  • Designing operation overviews, providing insight at contract level (municipality), including key figures;
  • Designing result overviews, including the submitted and allocated amounts in IWMO, and other results;
  • Designing employee and client overviews for with a view to controlling the acquired care activities;
  • Drawing up an inventory of Social Support Act (Wmo) production data and analysing the manner of invoicing for the various municipalities;
  • Drawing up Social Support Act (Wmo) production records;
  • Drawing up financial statements and other statements.


The result of the assignment is:

  • Models for applying for and creating the records for subsidies for the continuation of the care infrastructure, set up in such a way that they can be used annually;
  • Successful integration of data for the acquired care activities in the systems (Ecare) of the acquiring care organization;
  • Operational overviews at contract level (municipality);
  • Monthly monitoring of the development in the results of the Social Support Act (Wmo) entities;
  • Control information at employee/team/municipality level for hours control;
  • Process enhancement concerning reporting on Social Support Act (Wmo) production.