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Patrick Konniger

I have been working for Robert Muntel Consultancy since 2010 as an experienced consultant/interim manager. Before that, I worked in accountancy for 13 years. In accountancy, I worked for national as well as international companies and the work consisted mainly of providing organizational advice, the realization and coordination of checks of financial statements, supervising take-overs, and the realization of special assignments.

The experience and skills I acquired in accountancy are very useful in my current job. I have further added to my skillset by studying to be a Register Controller (RC) via Robert Muntel Financial Consultancy.

The last couple of years I have enjoyed working on a wide variety of assignments for clients in many different industries. With my experience I can take on all kinds of different jobs. The clients I work for are of a highly diverse nature and include non-profit organizations and listed and non-listed companies. Sometimes I work as a senior business consultant; sometimes as an interim manager, financial manager, as a consultant, or as a project manager. This mix of highly varied assignments is what keeps me on-point and what challenges me in my job.

One thing my assignments have in common is that almost all are with larger organizations with a turnover of € 100 million or more, or with organizations that, despite their smaller size, had plenty going on. What primarily drives me is the challenge, the non-routine work that requires a demonstrable result or improvement to be realized within a short period of time.

Clients characterize me as pro-active, reliable, results-oriented, and I am consistently able to realize progress and improvements in collaboration with their employees and other departments.
Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in further information with regard to my assignments and what I may be able to do for you.